Charles Rubenstein, Ph.D., CEng
Professor of Engineering & Information Science
Pratt Institute
School of Information & School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Consultant and Presenter:
Web Design and Android Mobile Apps
Electrotechnology and Leadership

Region 1 Student Activities & Conferences Coordinator (2016-19)
IEEE-USA Conferences Committee Chair (2012-2017)
IEEE Board of Directors (2010-2011)

Prof. Rubenstein

Class web site Pratt Class Schedule Spring 2018 * Class web site

Pratt Brooklyn Campus - ARC Building:
MSCI 222C-01: Introduction to Electronics - Meets Mondays 1:00pm - 3:50pm * ARC E-09
MSCI 222C-02: Introduction to Electronics - Meets Tuesdays 2:00pm - 4:50pm * ARC E-09
MSCI 222C-03: Introduction to Electronics - Meets Tuesdays 5:00pm - 7:50pm * ARC E-09

Office Hours (by appointment)(*) email :
MONDAYS: ARC G-49 (or E-09) 12:00noon - 1:00pm (before class)
TUESDAYS: ARC G-49 (or E-09) 12:00noon - 2:00pm (before class)
* Class rooms, days and times subject to change

Password Protected Resources:
Rubenstein's Web Design for Libraries (c) 2014, Published by Libraries Unlimited
(Second 'Textbook' edition of 'Crash Course' published September 2014)
Rubenstein's Crash Course in Web Design for Libraries (c) 2006 - Web Site
IEEE Leadership Skills Workshop
IEEE 'Scalabilty of Membership' Student-Professional Awareness Conference Presentation

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